World of Water Resistance Watches

Narmally The Most of people shopping for watches and want a watches that is waterproof. A watch cannot be completely waterproof because it is made of many different parts, but a Water Resistance Watch is a great investment, and many water-resistant watches can be worn while swimming, showering and diving. Water resistant watches are rated based on a laboratory pressure test comparable to a swimmer sitting still under water at a certain depth. Both of Men's watches and ladies watches can be water-resistant, and these sport watches and dive watches are available in a range of styles. Consider these facts when shopping for a water-resistant watch. 

A water-resistant dive watch or sport watch will have nylon, rubber, or Teflon gaskets set on the crystal, chronograph pushers and on the case at the case back. In addition, a waterproof sealant lines the case of a good water-resistant men's or ladies watch.
In the previous post that about The Russian Diver Watch Series from the Invicta which is Made of 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel, especially it's made for water resistance up to 1000 meters

(Water resistance : 1000 meters)

If you need a watch to be water resistant enough to be able to submerge it below the surface of the water, be sure to get one that is designed with a screw-down crown and a screw-down caseback. A Screw-down crowns are standard on dive women's and men's watches. It is also sometimes called a screw-in crown. A screw-down crown has gaskets and will create a tight seal for the watch case when it is screwed in.

Purchase a Diver's Watch if you spend a lot of time snorkeling or deep sea diving. A dive watch usually has a screw-down crown and a screw-down case back. The water-resistance rating for these watches will be at least 20 ATM = 200 meters/660 feet. Many high-end watches feature a helium release valve.

Water resistance is tested in measurements of atmosphere (ATM). Each ATM denotes 10 meters of static water-pressure. This is not the depth to which a watch can be worn. Many watch cases will list the basic measurement of 1 ATM as "water-resistant." These watches will withstand small splashes of water but should not be worn while submerging the hands or washing the hands in water. Water-resistance ratings — Guidelines to choose the right water-resistant watch:-

3 ATM: meters/100 feet: Suitable for everyday use. No swimming.

(Ferrari Men's Granturismo Chronograph Yellow Dial Black Calf Skin : Water Resistance 50 meters)

5 ATM: 50 meters/165 feet: Suitable for short periods of swimming. No diving or snorkeling.
10 ATM: 100 meters/330 feet: Suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

(Invicta Men's Speedway Professional Chronograph Two Tone Stainless Steel — Water resistance : 200 meters)

(Swiss Legend Challenger Black Silicone Chronograph Yellow Dial Silver-Tone Case : Water Resistance : 200 meters)

20 ATM: 200 meters/660 feet: Suitable for high-impact water sports and some diving.
Diver: 150-200 meters/500-660 feet: Suitable for scuba diving and passes ISO regulations.

 Men's Sabaqua Reserve Black Rubber Chrono Orange Carbon Fiber Dial : Water Resistance : 500 meters)

Maintenance and care : For Water resistant watches should have gaskets changed whenever the battery is replaced or when doing routine maintenance. Chlorine, perfume and other chemicals can harm the gaskets or sealant. Limit exposure to these materials or have your watch tested often for water resistance.

More suggestions
• Do not shower or swim with your watch unless it is rated 100m/330ft & has a screw-down crown.
• Do not subject your watch to extreme temperature changes.
• Do not allow your watch to come in contact with corrosive chemicals, such as abrasive soaps & highly chlorinated water.
• Never open, wind or operate the crown while in water.
• Never press the buttons of a chronograph watch while in water - unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer.
• Do not subject your watch to sudden & rapid air-pressure changes.
• Ensure that the crown is always pushed in, and if you have a screw-down crown, make sure it is always tightened. Double-check before immersing in water.